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Moon and stars Birth Chart

Jessica Alba

Tuesday, April 28, 1981
1:51 PM PDT (UTC-07:00)
Pomona, CA, USA
34°03'N, 117°44'W
Tropical Placidus
Astrolis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 27' 27' 26° 00' 50' 14° 02' 40' 40' 07' 28° 55' 24° 34' 22° 31' 22° 31' 17° 21' 16' 13° 25' AC MC DC IC
Sun Sign
Taurus Taurus
Moon Sign
Aquarius Aquarius
Leo Leo
Moon Phase
Third Quarter Third Quarter
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Your Ascendant, or Rising Sign, acts as the mask you present to the world, influencing your first impressions, physical appearance, and the spontaneous reactions you exhibit in new situations.

Ascendant Leo Rising
27° Leo 57'

You come across to others as confident and kind. Your magnetic personality ensures everyone knows when you enter a room. Meeting life whole-heartedly, you’re ready to embrace experience and leave your mark on the world.

You may enjoy being in the spotlight, generously sharing your enthusiasm for life, so that others are drawn to your radiance and energy. With a natural inner authority and ability to shine, you take a dynamic and proactive approach to life, seeking to be recognized as much for who you are as for what you do. You’re able to create your world according to your own desires and passions, seeking your own place in the sun.


The positions of planets and points in your chart influence your personal traits, behaviors, and life events. They represent the cosmic energies at play at the time of your birth, shaping your unique personality and life path.